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TNA Impact Results & Screencaps
Published by DJ on February 5th, 2011. Post Discussion: Add / View Comments?


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The opening video package included Robert Roode and James Storm cutting promos on Scott Steiner from the European tour. Members of Immortal were in the ring to open the show sans Ric Flair, much to the chagrin of the crowd. Eric Bischoff called out Steiner and told him that the Judge has issued an continuance in the lawsuit against Hulk Hogan, explaining his absence tonight. Jeff Hardy had this exaggerated look of exasperation on his face, which was pretty funny. Bischoff said he heard about “They” coming, but there was no “They.” He brought up Kevin Nash, Booker T and Sting, but it wasn’t as bad as first reported as Bischoff painted all of them as past their prime legends looking for one final paycheck. Then again, that’s also a good way to describe a good percentage of whoever gets pushed in this company. But it was very different from how TNA usually presents itself as a second-rate company. Bischoff said Immortal was where the greatest talent was, and offered him a chance to join Immortal or else he would get his butt kicked. Steiner said his had a third option, and that’s sticking his foot up Immortal’s ass. Kurt Angle and Crimson came out. Angle said Bischoff was wrong and that “They” were here, but wouldn’t say exactly who it was.

Hardy was upset with Bischoff over Hogan being a no-show. Bischoff said he couldn’t control was a judge in Dallas does, but promised Hardy the TNA Heavyweight title would be back around his waist by the end of tonight. Bischoff was upset that Flair wasn’t there. At that point, Steiner, Angle and Crimson walked in and the two sides had a shouting match.

Ink Inc. defeated Gunner and Murphy in 3:27. Taz did as much as anyone to paint Gunner and Murphy personalities, describing Murphy’s background as a former football player at Furman University. In other words, he got his ass kicked by Appalachian State a lot. Jesse Neal got the heat before delivering a jawbreaker to Guner to make the hot tag to Shannon Moore, who gave Murphy a moonsault block. Murphy accidentally kicked Gunner, setting up Moore getting the pin on Murphy with a Mooregasm. *1/2

Angle talked with Steiner and Crimson backstage. Angle’s cell phone rang to the mystery person, who assured Angle they would be there tonight.


Mr. Anderson defeated Jeff Hardy in 12:13 to retain the TNA Heavyweight title.

Styles then did a strong baby face interview saying that the Impact Zone would always be Fortune’s home. A furious Bischoff came out and called Styles an ungrateful son of a bitch, and said Fortune wasn’t worth the crap it would take to fertilize your grave. Styles said Bischoff put a one million dollar company out of business, and he came to TNA to do the same thing. Styles said it wasn’t going to happen, and that Bischoff was guilty of hiring guys who didn’t deserve to be in wrestling in the first place. There was more than a hint of anger in Styles’ voice in delivering that line, and the crowd picked up on it. In fact, they started chanting “We Want Six Sides.” I’m not sure if that was what Styles was talking about. Styles said Fortune were the ones who helped build the company. Bischoff said on March 3rd, Hogan would get control of the company again, and the rest of Fortune would be left out to dry. Styles said he would eliminate Immortal one-by-one until then.

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