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Fast Facts

Name: Kurt Steven Angle
Birthday: Dec 9th 1968
Height: 5’11 (6’2 according to
Weight: 225lbs
Born in: Dormont, PA
Resides In: Moon Township, PA
Siblings: David, Mark, John, Eric, Le’Anne
Married to: Karen Angle
Since: 1998
Children: Kyra Angle, Kody Angle
College Attended: Clarion Univ. in Clarion, PA
Degree(s) In: Geography

1987 Junior Nationals champion
1988 conference Freshman of the Year
1988 Espoir Nationals champion
Second in 1989 Yasar Dogu Tournament (Turkey)
Second in 1989 Espoir World Cup
Seventh in 1989 U.S. Nationals
1990 NCAA champion as a sophomore
1990 Canada Cup champion
1991 NCAA runner-up as a junior
1992 NCAA champion as a senior
Third in 1992 Olympic Team Trials
Fourth in 1992 U.S. Nationals
Third in 1992 World Cup
Third in 1993 World Team Trials
1993 Henri Deglane Challenge champion (France)
1993 Krasnoyarsk Tournament champion (Russia)
Second in 1993-94 U.S. Nationals
Sixth in 1994 Sunkist International Open
Second in 1994 World Team Trials
1995-96 U.S. Nationals champion
1995 World Team Trials champion
1996 Roger Coulon Tournament champion (France)
1995 World Champion
Second in Prix Slovakia champion
1996 Olympic Gold Medallist in Atlanta


WCW Champion
WWF Champion
Intercontinental Champion
European Champion
King Of The Ring 2000
Hardcore Champion
Tag Team Champion
WWE Champion

SmackDown! is better than RAW because:
we have the best technical wrestlers, especially when we had Chris Benoit. And obviously we have more decorated wrestlers (Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas) ~Kurt Angle

PWI 500 ratings
(6’1″, 233, 5, 3)
Hard to believe Angle has packed so much into a five-year career … More neck and spinal problems forced him to the sidelines for four months after ‘Mania … Named GM of Smackdown by Vince McMahon … Was tossed from a balcony by an irate Big Show, forcing him into a Dr. Evil-esque wheelchair … Introduced Luther Reigns as his bodyguard … Was fired as GM by McMahon and returned to the active roster in July.

MANY thanks to Jason for the PWI 500 Ratings

From WWE Publications

If you weren’t a WWE Superstar, what would you be doing?
Kurt: I’d do something with children, probably teach and coach, and help out with underprivileged kids. More than anything, I love working with kids. I get along with them really well. I think that’s my purpose in life, besides entertaining fans. I think God’s blessed me with the ability to relate to children, and I’ve been doing that ever since I was in college.

What do you remember about your first Wrestlemania?
Kurt: I remember that I didn’t lose. (laughs) I was in a Triple-Threat where I lost both titles but I didn’t lose the match. Actually, what I remember more than anything is where I was at that time and where I am now, and where the other two athletes – Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit – were. We’ve come a long way, and it’s great to see that all three of us have been able to become top wrestlers in this company. That was almost three years ago, and I was just starting out. It’s amazing how much better I’ve become, and how much I’ve learned. I was a little more nervous than I usually am, probably because it was the biggest event of the year, and at that time that was the biggest Wrestlemania ever. I knew I had to perform my best. It’s one of those things where the whole world is watching, so it’s do or die – no time to mess up, no time for mistakes. I just wanted to have a flawless match, which you never do, but I think all of us are trying to reach that goal of making no mistakes. I’d just say the pressure is on more than any other time. I was very satisfied.

WWE Superstars tell their favorite WrestleMania moments
Kurt Angle: It always entails yourself, because being in WrestleMania is the greatest thing in the world, regardless of where you are in the show. But my greatest WrestleMania moment was walking out to that ring against Brock Lesnar. I knew my neck was seriously injured, and a lot of the fans did too, so when I heard all of the people cheering, the neck pain went away – just for that moment. Since then, the neck pain’s been there, but for that one moment, it went numb, and I looked around not believing that I’d finally made it to the main event of WrestleMania, and that’s the pinnacle of being a WWE Superstar.

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Kurt’s Kalendar
January 2011
29: London, England
31: iMPACT! Orlando
February 2011
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4: Hattiesburg, MS
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